This stuff gets beat to death but hey---I'm open to ideas here.

I have access to both of these racks for a little cheaper than I would.....say..... a 1-up, Thule, etc. So it makes sense to automatically narrow it down to these two.

I need a rack that will most of the time carry 3 bikes, but occasionally four. I like the rocky mounts a little more (it is lighter, which my wife will appreciate), easier to tilt up or down, and is MUCH more compact.

HOWEVER, the Yakima is $200+ cheaper and is still a very nice rack I'm sure. It is, however, much heavier and when that 2 bike extension is on there, it looks friggin ENORMOUS. We have an Outback and I'm pretty sure it'll stick out over the top of the vehicle if folded up.

Anyone have thoughts or guidance on either of the above?