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    Rockymounts Driveshaft - Problems

    Anyone find a solution to the Driveshaft so it doesn't rock? Someway to make it more secure? Thanks.


    I recently switched to a new Fox fork with a 15mm thru axle, which I was excited about. I use a Rockymounts TieRod on top of the Suby, and since it required a thru-axle adapter, I chose the Rockymounts Driveshaft, the only one which locks.

    At first I had it set up less than idealy, and the whole bike rocked back and forth from the front of the car towards the back. I emailed Rockymounts, and they cordially suggested I run the TieRod skewer thru one of the holes up higher and it would help mitigate the problem (he did not say it would fix it.) It still rocks, but a heck of lot less. I drove to the trail the other day and it moved around a lot but did hold on.

    Has anyone come up with a way to make the whole thing more secure, tighter fits?

    Thanks, Scott

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    Can you post a pic of how you have it oriented?

    And dumb question but you're using the 15mm insert, right
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    it's rocking front to back, or side to side?
    if it's front to back position it so that it is almost resting on the top of the head of the rack....if it's side to side, then you could have a shim issue.

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    I'm having an identical issue. I temporarily hucked it up there last night just to see how it sat. No matter how tight the skewer and rear wheel ratchet is, I can still move the bike forward/backward using my hands rotating on the rear wheel. I need to keep the driveshaft for its locking ability, but the rocking front-to-back is irritating. Anyone have a solution/idea yet? I don't trust putting my $5k MTB on the roof with this kind of movement.

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