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    New truck bed rack

    Thought I'd post our newly designed, patent pending truck bed rack.

    We've been working on this rack for the last two years and finally completed a small run to do testing on.
    The rack, called the "MultiTaskR" will work with just about any truck bed and/or trailer. It currently has 2 different bike mounts, one that fits any thru-axle(or 9mm QR) fork, the other is a unique steerer tube mount which fits into any sized steerer tubes, holding the bikes securely over the tailgate and will be available in a locking version(shown)
    The design of the MultiTaskR was somewhat influenced by the tailgate pads that several companies produce. The huge difference between the pad and our rack is, it doesn't come in contact with any part of the truck except for the mounting points inside the bed, it holds items securely with no tie downs, the tailgate is fully usable when loaded( except the the steered tube mount) and it has a secure lockable option.
    We have tested this rack on bumpy dirt roads, the bikes barely move and will not slam into each other or bounce causing damage to both the bike and truck.

    The other mount shown is an expandable mount to hold such items as kayaks, surfboards, SUP's, lumber, pipe, etc. There is also locking bars that will secure such items. The MultiTaskR can be rotated both forward and backwards and can be removed completely in less than 30 seconds.
    Other accessories, such as removable mesh covered baskets to hold items such as tools, shoes, helmets, wetsuits, groceries, etc, and a retractable locking cable that fits inside the upper crossbar will be available soon.

    We have been rigorously testing this rack in several vehicles and in all types of conditions

    The MultiTaskR should be available early next year, the name of the company is called Exodux.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New truck bed rack-img_0224.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0210.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0219.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0065.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0220.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0292.jpg  

    New truck bed rack-img_0480.jpg  

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