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    Lock for THULE OUTRIDE 561

    I recently purchased a Thule outride 561 bike carrier to be used with my 29er bike that has fox float 32, 15QR. I have to use the 15mm adapter 561-1 so that I could mount my bike and secure it using the thru axle bolt, by doing this I loose the key locking feature of the Thule outride 561.

    Is there a way to put a key lock on the 15mm adapter?

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    +1 on the Rocky mount. I have two of them. The only complaint is they don't work well with 15mm TA's. Two issues I had, first they are not wide enough. If you are not careful you'll squeeze the fork lowers together possibly bending them.

    Not sure why RM didn't make the adapter wide enough but the didn't. I fixed this problem by making a PVC spacer.

    The second problem is that you simply can't get the adapter to clamp tightly enough to keep the bike from moving either forward or backward. This is easy enough to work around if you have a RM rack; you just use two wheel straps on the rear wheel and place them such that the bike can't move forward or backward.

    The RM adapter is a great idea just poorly designed for a 15mm TA.

    I now have 20mm TA's on both bikes and both issues are non-existent with those TA's.

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