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    Good job! INNO Tire Hold, Subaru Imprezza Sport & ORS Racks

    Hello everyone,

    I bought my Subaru last month and needed to switch from a hitch rack to a roof rack. Roof racks were foreign to me. That and the fact that I research every possible detail befor making a 'big' purchase decision led to many nights of reading reviews, watching videos, scouring sites, etc... I finally ended up choosing the Inno Tire Hold roof rack. Here is a pick:

    INNO Tire Hold, Subaru Imprezza Sport & ORS Racks-inno-subaru-20130414.jpg

    As you can see, I have two INNO racks mounted to my roof. Factory Subaru crossbars are in use. I had to mount the racks in opposing fashion due to the bike handlebars getting in the way with both bikes facing forward. I blame this on the Subaru factory set-up. I see other crossbars that allow mounting to take place right up to the edge of the bars. The Subaru factory bars are not mountable on the very edges due to how they connect to the rack system. About 4 inches of bar is lost on each side.

    I am also able to fully open the hatch of the car without any clearance issues. This is a big plus for me.

    I am super happy with the INNO Tire Hold bike rack. It serves my purposes very well. It's easy to use and seems to be made of top quality materials. I encountered zero issues with how the product was packaged or built.

    The INNO mounted nicely to my factory rack system. The instructions were actually decent and straight forward. Each rack is lockable and comes with two keys. So far, I have mounted 3 different 26' bikes and one 700c bike with no issues. I'm still dealing with somewhat of an uneasy feeling regarding having my bike on the roof of my car, but that is getting better and better with every use.

    I chose this system because I liked the design. I wanted a tire hold style rack versus a fork mount. The product got great reviews. The INNO also comes with locks that would cost extra when it comes to the competition.

    Lastly, I would like to add that I purchased these racks from ORS Racks and I was very satified with the service I received from them. My racks were shipped within 24 hours of my purchase via UPS and my entire buying experience was very enjoyable. I did request a price match from them and within the same day I received a response that they would not only meet the price, but BEAT IT! I have requested price matches from other companies before and had mixed results, usually success, but I have never had a site actually beat a price. ORS has my business from here on out. ORS, if you are reading... Thank you!

    Thanks to anyone reading this review/info, hope it is found to be usefull for someone-


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    I ditto what you've said. I've had mine on my Subaru for a month now. Works great. Used with 26" and 650b wheels. Seems very secure. Decent price too. Got mine on line at Sports Chalet.

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