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    Bike fit in Pointiac Sunfire

    For all of you out there driving a pointiac sunfire, can you fit your bike in the back of your car if you put your back seats down? and posibly if you take your front wheel off?

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    do you have a 2 door or 4 door? i don;t have a sunfire but i do have a 2005 4 door civic and i think i could squeeze it in there if a really wanted to. but there would be no room for anyone else lol. we fit one in a 2001 altima last monday actually and i still sat in the back. from what i can remember our 4 door cavaleir (same car different badge) had about the same amount of room in it as my civic so i bet you could squeeze it in there some how probable with both wheels of would be my best guess.
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    My buddy has a mountain bike and he fits it in his Sunfire with the seats down. I have a G6 and it fits too but not that easy.

    Looks like we all need to either get a new car or bike racks lol.

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