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    Any Minivans Besides Dodge/Chrysler Feature Stow n' Go Seats?

    I'm almost resigned to the fact I will buy a minivan as a daily driver/bike hauler/camping/dog vehicle. My question: has the stow n' go seating that Chrysler created been copied by other makers? The long term reliability of Chrysler products doesn't thrill me.
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    Super practical for hauling kids, furniture, and bikes, and the Stow-n-Go feature is awesome, but I was never so happy to get rid of a vehicle as I was when I sold my wife's Grand Caravan. Sorry, I don't know of any other makes with that feature but it's been around for a while so there could be others.

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    Had great luck so far with our Grand Caravan. Has 145,000 miles and all I have done are brake pads and tires. Guy I ride with has 210,000 and just had to have the tranny repaired at 204,000. My folks got over 300,00 without ever an issue. Just like everything sometimes you get a lemon. I have had 2 Honda's that neither made 50,000 miles without significant engine problems. Worked in a shop for 10 years and always saw the Hondas coming in with some crazy mileage.

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