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    9mm axle adapter to a 15mm axle mount

    So my buddy and I both have 15mm front axles and both him and I have 15mm axle mounts in our trucks. This is all fine and dandy until my wife wants to join. Her current bike is a 9mm axle.

    I wanted to try and get an adapter to use for her 9mm front axle in our 15mm axle mounts. Something similar to this. This appears to work unless I am missing something, I am sure this has been done in the past.

    Mountain Bike 15mm thru Axle to Standard 5mm Quick Release Wheel Adapter | eBay

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    I knew that was going to be a problem when racks started to use 15mm/ 20mm direct mounts. Until the day when there just is one size axle(dont think that will ever happen), I still use the 9mm mount and a ForkUp to accomadate any size that isnt 9mm.
    To be up front, I developed the ForkUp( although I sold the company and am no longer associated with Hurricane in an way) I am still a believer and use them regularly.

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    I use one of these mounts, it comes with kit for 20mm, 15mm, and 9mm QR, takes a couple of seconds to unscrew and change for the size you want. Use your normal Maxle or whatever system with the 15mm and 20mm, included QR with 9/10mm.

    Origin 8 Ultra Fit Bike Fork Mount 20mm 15mm QR Forks Black | eBay

    For wheel carriers I use these(damn, used to be $7);

    Mavic 15mm to 9mm Q/R Adapter 2014 | Mavic

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