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    1up fitment on 2014+ forester

    Does anyone have a 2014-2015 Subaru Forester with a Drawtite or Hidden Hitch 2" trailer hitch along with a 1up rack? If you have this set up, have you run into any issues folding the rack up?

    I've heard of the previous model Foresters fitting the 1up without issue but it seems like the current model has the hitch recessed a bit more from the end of the bumper.

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    You might look into the EcoHitch by Tork Lift Central. Its a super clean install, you will only see the receiver, nothing else and it works great with the One Up rack. I have one on my 2014 Forester.

    Torklift Central | Subaru - Find Your EcoHitch® - Trailer Hitch and Towing

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    I have 1up on my 2014 forester no problems u just have to slide it out the hitch a little more than the previous forester. I have a curt hitch on mine.

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    I recently picked up a 1up super duty rack for my 2015 xt. If I follow their recommendation for the ball to be inserted at least 2 inches to my draw time hitch... Then the rack will not fold up 90 degrees. Are you saying you have less than 2 inches inserted into your hitch?

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    I can't speak of the 1Up on a 14-15 Forester, but I sell Subarus and I have a customer with a '14 XT and with his aftermarket hitch, he had to get an extender to fit his rack, it was a Thule T2 or something. Sorry, I don't know the type of hitch. But methinks some aftermarket hitches aren't as far out as they could be.
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