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    Where's the new SI cranks for the F29?

    C'mon folks, drink some coffee and wake up! I told you guys back in 06 to put a carbon lefty on the upcoming F29, or offer an upgraded F29 in smaller runs. You didn't. What happened in 07? Riders purchased carbon lefty's seperately to put on their bikes. Sometimes Cannondale sold out of the carbon lefty's, because the 29er market devoured so many of them.Guys would buy brand new 26ers that came with the carbon lefty, just for the lefty, and then sell the rest of the bike on ebay.

    With the new SI cranks, did you think they wouldnt sell on the 08 F29? Have you looked at the 29er forum? Do you see the type of component upgrading that goes on over there? The carbon lefty is 3/4lb lighter than any other suspended 29er fork. The 08 SI crank is 200 grams lighter than xtr. This would have given Cannondale a huge advantage in providing the lightest frame/fork/crank combo in the 29er market.

    You can do this. Make some black frames with the black SI cranks and a carbon lefty. Sell it as the Madd Maxx package. You won't be able to keep up with the demand.

    Here is a photo of a 21lb F29. By the way, several people in my neck of the woods have built up the same rig, and I get comments all the time, "I want that!".
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