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    Want bar ends, need end caps??

    Hi All,

    The grips on on my new (to me) '06 F600 are the closed-end variety. If I want to put on bar ends, I will have to cut off the grip end. No problem there, but I will also need end caps at that point, correct? I wouldn't imagine that there are end caps under the closed-end grips, but just wanted to ask here....


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    I think end caps should come with bar ends.

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    I think it is very unlikely that there will be bar end plugs under your closed end grips, that isn't normal.

    If the bar ends don't come with end plugs then I wouldn't be surprised if you LBS had some old ones lying around that they would let you have for free.

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    I did the same on a Scott P3 and there were caps under the closed end grips!

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