I have been in the market for a full suspension trail bike that would give my aging back side a little more relief from the northeast trails, but after months of looking at almost everything. I realized that I was having a real hard time saying goodbye to my 10 year old Cannodale f800 HT w/ lefty (and lefty still works great!), So with the intention of upgrading the Brakes, Seats, Tires,Drivetrain and a few other fancy gizmos to make "ol reliable" new again, I ran down to my local bike shop to get started.

Needless to say I ended up buying up a RZ-120- Three , that I upgraded to the Sram XO build kit (Avid Brakes) and tires, and moved all components from the RZ over to the F800. WOW. I am pumped with both bikes, even got out on the trails this first nice weekend of the season on the RZ at Cunningham Park in LI. Great place to start off the season!

The Cannondale RZ One Twenty is a great bike. I was surprised to how good a climber this bike was and how much control on the downhills. I have not noticed any bobbing of the suspension during hard climbs which is even more comforting since I still have some extra winter insulation to shed before the season, I am pushing close to 200 LBS.

I will post a full review of the RZ 120 and the New F800 in a few weeks, once I can get more time on the trails.