My Trigger carbon 1 26' came with this shock.

Im looking for a very firm ride going up with as little sag as possible, and plush soft feeling going down.

Today I rode the bike and its amazing, I took the pump with me and put air , released air trying to set it up just by trial and error.

Im 170 pounds and ended up with 310 on the positive chamber and 290 on the negative, so far gave me the best results, but I know it can be better.

If I want a firmer ride on the setup for uphill, should I increase psi in the positive chamber or the negative?
Can I have more psi in the negative chamber than the positive?
What does each chamber contrls?

The new Lefty its even better than the prvious ones, super plush and firm at high speed at the same time, bike climbs real well too, brakes are amazing.