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    Trigger Carbon 2 v Lapierre Zesty 827 AM

    I would appreciate your opinions on both of these bikes. I own a F29 Carbon 2 and need another option in the garage. The spec of the Cannondale is very disappointing and the DYAD rear shock may be a nightmare in the long term. ?

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    I have the 827 AM. Awesome bike that does everything well. The brakes are the only thing im no thappy with but thats easily sorted with a set of XTR's. Ive used two tokens to tune the pike.

    I use it for xc stuff, trail centers and have done uplift downhill days when my dh bike was being repaired.

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    Get the zesty the bike is tits. You don't have to worry about the monarch shock as it is easily serviced in the bike shop

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    If long term service issues are a concern, the Zesty seems like a better choice. I don't know where you ride, but the tires on the Trigger leave much to be desired as well. DYAD needs less service than other shocks, but my LBS has to send all shocks and forks to manufacturers to be serviced so a non-issue for me. If your LBS can service Monarch in house, seems like a no brainer. That said, I've ridden Supermax and Pike and prefer the Supermax for stiffness and feel (once it's broken in). I almost got the Carbon 2 but preferred the ride of the Trigger 29 Carbon 2. Either way, they're both great bikes. Let the ride decide.
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