Called Fox and got the shock dialed in pretty good .
Bike weights 23.8 pounds .

Its the 26" (I dont want or like the 29ers, no matter what they say for my terrain I see they dont work better, steep terrain, tight switchbacks and climbs, ) .

Lefty : Amazing much better than the ones before (Owned RZ carbon 1, Rize carbon 1, Sacalpel carbon 1 before.)
Very plush , smooth and at high speed feels very stable, gives you lots of confidence.

Rear suspension also very nice, for climbing or going down its just perfect, its like 2 different bikes, I never owned a bike that goes down so fast or goes up so fast.
Cornering , not as sharp as my RZ, but I think is because the angle with the rear shock in long travel. Also the tires racing Ralphs are super light but has not so good traction when cornering aggressively.

Bike is very fast , stable, plush and fun to ride, best bike I ever owned so far.
Hope it has good durability.