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    Trigger 29er sizing, wheels, general impressions?

    I've been all over the board lately, but leaning back to cdale, as that is where my loyalty has been in the past. I"m actually not a fan of having a "trigger", but everything else about this bike seems awfully good.

    is everyone who's had a demo shot seen the sizing to be consistent.

    what about those crests? flexy or OK?

    trigger annoying, or good. large and in the way, or clean and easy?

    thx for any impressions!


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    These are good questions I'd like to know the answer to as well, but I doubt you'll find them. Very few people have actually ridden a trigger. Virtually no good official reviews yet either. I think we'll see a few coming out in the next month or two however.

    I'd just go with the stack and reach geometry provided on the C'dale website. Sizing is pretty straightforward from those two numbers (all the others tend only to confuse). You can swap a stem out for minor cockpit adjustments.

    I'm replacing the crests that are coming on my Trigger 1, because I can (I've built wheels before), because rim replacement is a relatively cheap upgrade (unless you go carbon) with noticeable performance gains, because I prefer a UST-type rim to the Stan's profile, and because I'm 180lbs+gear and ride aggressively in rocky terrain. But if money and time were a factor, I don't think the crests would ruin the bike at all. An upgrade, but not a mandatory one.


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    It's all good!

    I've had mine for a month and change. I find the XL very consistent in fit/size with my other bikes that are XL...ETT is spot-on, but I needed a 100mm stem instead of the 80mm that came with the bike (my other bikes also run a 100 or 110 stem). ST is a tad shorter than I'm used to (20" instead of 21"), and I was surprised to see that the stock post was only 350mm, which was at max extension for my inseam. LBS swapped it to a 400mm. I have a write up on my ride/fit observations and nitpicks here.... Trigger 29er First Ride Report

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    Go for it!

    Hi guys,

    Ive had ny Trigger 29-1 for three weeks by now. And I must admit, I am totally head over heals in love with it. And that doesn't usually tend to happen! When you flick the switch its an instant change from XC race bike to almost a DH bike. It's unbelievable!
    The frame is super stiff. Stiffer than my 26" scalpel, less pedal bob and heaps of more fun. Rear end is fairly short and the bike as a whole handles significantly better than you'd expect from a bike of this size.

    I'm running a L just as my previous Cannondale's has been. Fits perfectly. As I unboxed it, I found it to be fairly large. It looks like something that would roll over a bus without you ever noticing it. But, as soon as I get on it, the size is spot on and my mates all claim that it looks to be the right fit. So expect to see a bike that's larger than you're used to.

    Mine is bought in EU so it may be slightly different stocked than a US bike is, but, it's delivered with the crest wheels. So far, I haven't noticed that they are any softer than my crest29er wheel set I'm running in my hardtail. It should be noted though, that I consider myself as a fairly elegant rider, not beating the crap out of my wheels. I have brought it on the local slope-stylish DH track with some pretty neat jumps and drops where it behaved just like a dream.

    A couple of notes:

    Out of the box it weighted in around 14 kg. I replaced the crankset to a Cannondale SI SL, rebuild to single chainring, replaced the seat, grips added pedals, and replaced the tires to Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25 (These are pretty good-to-go for most of the Northern European soil and terrain). It dropped down to around 12.4 kg which in my opinion is quite satisfying for a bike of this kind.

    The dropper post, X-Fusion runs so far great. Very little wobble and no dirt issues yet. However, it didn't come with a remote lever in the box (after fit), I'd strongly recommend anyone to get that upgrade as a part of the deal. With the very varied terrain we have, it's an absolute must.
    The handlebars are maybe an inch to narrow for my taste, but otherwise the stock stem and handlebar combo seems a fair choice.

    I bought an XX1 spider+chainrings (currently 32) for my crankset, and a KCNC cassette on 11-38 to run with it. It gives me by far all the gears I need for the majority of my rides. And no need to buy super expensive rear mech, hubs, shifters etc..

    I'll be heading for Nice (at the trails of the Trans Provence race) in a couple of weeks for twelve days. I'll post an update when we get back to see if I'm still as much in love.


    Kristian, Denmark

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    Great review! Can I ask, how tall are you? What is your inseam, measured from the floor to top of a book edge between your crotch, standing against a wall in bare feet? I ordered a Large, and my previous Rize was a large, but the 29er is new to me so am curious how the sizing will compare.

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    I bought my Trigger 29er 2 last month. I am 5'4" and therefore bought a small frame. Similar to my Rush. The bike is fantastic. I go down hills faster than ever before in flow mode. It climbs really well in elevate mode. You can actually feel the geometry change when you flick the switch. The bike goes over obstacles like a tank. It is fun to ride. I really think the gear ratios are fantastic You can to most climbs in the large chain ring. The bike is very stiff. It has increased my confidence greatly.

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