I have a 90s era Cannondale Killer V 900., Believe it has the Headshock fork with the shock directly below the headset.
I am converting the bike to an electric commuter (please dont hate me or just dont send me hate mail). I have a few other bikes - just dont like to get to work sweaty.
The ebike motor kicks out so much torque the recommend a steel fork. I am a noob on bike maintenance and its tough to tell much info on the boards.
Anyone have a recommnedation for me. Based on what I have gathered I can get a 1.5 to 1 1/8 conversion piece and get a steel fork.
Can someone confirm this? Also not sure on if I get threadless or threaded and if any differences exist in lengths? (i.e. do I need some spacers or something else.) Someone also mentioned that it might look goofy going from a 1.5 thick headset to a skinny fork - - oh well.
Anythoughts much appreciated - - as indicated I dont know much so any specific detail or product link is awesome.
Love this sight.