• 04-02-2007
    Super fatty DL 2001-2, repair options
    Hi, I have a Super fatty DL 2001-2 that is leaking oil, doesn't lock, and makes an slurpy (squishy) noise when compressed. The C-dale dealer told me over the phone that my only option was a trade in for a new fork for about $300 (ouch!). I found a couple of places online that overhaul headshocks one of them (www.headshockdoc.com) quotes 70 euros for a complete overhaul (plus shipping, to Europe). I read a lot of discouraging things about people trying to overhaul headshocks themselves; specific tools, lack of replacement parts, or expensive parts, etc. Does anybody know about other alternatives? (apart from buying a used fork from e-bay). None of the shops in my area seem to work with head...
    Any help would be much appreciated...
  • 04-02-2007

    Originally Posted by rodpalacios
    Does anybody know about other alternatives?

    Shipping to Europe, so you're in the US? Or where? It's a basic service you need, I do them all the time, cheap, and easily done. But don't take this as me saying send me your fork, cause we can't have open commerce on these pages. Cannondale can do it too, and generally takes a few weeks total back to your door. PM me if you need more info.