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    Stalking a 2006 1FG, when should I strike?


    I've been stalking a 2006 1FG at my lbs for awhile. this is clearly a demo bike, they might have loaned it out at some point. no one seems to want it. price tag $850.

    my question: how do bike shops generally operate when the 2008 models are on deck and they have old inventory to move? I'm assuming they have a huge fire sale to make room for all the new bikes. Or do they have other options, like shifting inventory to warehouses, shifting to other stores etc.

    I'd like to time this right and secure the best possible deal. Any suggestions?


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    Best deal, go and talk to them. Try to work a deal with them. Even if they cant fully adjust the price, work on getting other things (i.e. accessories). I believe since its an 06', they should want to move it at any point.

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    That price is very near the cost price , so they definitly want to clear it out.
    I have that one , my main bike now , with a Speedhub in the back.
    I paid 1200 can brand new , so 850 (US and CAN is at par ) is a steal. This is a very nice bike.

    What is the adress of that bike shop ?
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    I have a 2006 Rush 600 at a shop near here, 1600 down to 1199...!
    25% off!!!

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