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    Should we grease lefty bearing ?

    I will remove my front wheel off the lefty to change a tire this weekend , my question is.. do you grease the axle or the bearing before you put the wheel back on or just simply clean it good and leave it alone ?

    Someone told me grease will collect dust and cake up the bearing in there and thus make it worst , is that any ture to it ? or if you do grease it , what do you put on it ?

    Anyone have any experience on this?

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    The beauty of the Lefty is you don't have to take off the wheel to change the tire.

    But if you have to take off the wheel, grease it when you install it. You don't necessarily need to re apply grease everytime if the grease that's already there is still clean but when you re-grease, wipe the axle clean, put some fresh grease on the axle where the bearings will sit and some over the seal on the side of the bearings, the grease actually stop some of the crap from getting in. You can follow the instruction in the Lefty manuals if you are not sure. I usually use Phil Wood grease anywhere grease is needed but any good quality grease will do just fine.


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    Grease em !!!!!!

    After every off road ride , I clean the grease off the axle and put fresh stuff (Bell Ray water proof from any motorcycle shop ) on before mounting my commuter wheels .

    The large bearing is $22 Can ...................... grease is cheap .

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