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    Shifter as Dyad remote

    I'm about to go 1x10 on my Jekyll and wanted to look into my options for a Dyad travel adjust remote given the newly available cockpit real-estate. Jerome Clementz controls his Dyad using a gripshift, and I'm wondering if I'd have similar success using the XT M780 2x10 trigger front shifter currently on my bike. This would be a pretty easy thing to test out but I wanted to see if anyone has done it.

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    I've been thinking about this since I saw that video with Jerome Clementz bike too. I think as long as it pulls enough cable to engage short travel mode you would be fine. The shock pulls the cable back when you put in flow mode.

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    I think it should work (unless Jérôme's shifter is modified internally), front derailleurs pretty much all have a similar cable pull ratio (I've mixed and matched many different models/brands/mtb-road front derailleurs and shifters and all the combos I have tried worked).


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    I just installed a grip shift I bought on Ebay for ten bucks to control the Dyad on my Claymore. It works flawlessly and now the cockpit is much cleaner. New cockpit - Imgur

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