I must have too much cabin fever going on, but am thinking of adding a Scalpel to my bike collection which includes a Prophet that I have not turned a wheel on yet (just got it put together) and an older Super V. I found a 02 Scalpel 800 and was wandering what to look for in a used scalpel- such as are the chainstays problematic, frames have any weak points, etc. Also, what is a good price for this bike? There was on on the local craigs list that looked really nice for $450, but it was the wrong size and by the time I decided I could probably buy it and swap frames at little to no cost it was sold. I would assume this was a very good price seeing how quick it sold. If anyone has or knows of a complete bike or frame for sale (cheap- so I can justify another bike) keep me in mind.
Thanks in advance for the advice,