Hello all,

I have a Scalpel 100 and wanted to ask a few questions about the rear Suspension. I came from a 29er hardtail before this one and wanted to get back to 26" wheels. I read here and heard from many people that the Scalpel was very efficient and had almost a hardtail feel,but suspension when you need it.

My bike has the Fox RPL on it. When I have the propedal on it still has a good bit of bob to it when I pedal, even on smooth pavement. It feels so close to the open setting that I almost cannot tell the difference. I have played with the air pressure trying to make it stiffer and have had no luck. I am now up to 95 psi and it still bobs a good bit. It is to the point where I feel like I am losing quite a bit of power to the suspension and it is rather annoying. I weigh 165 with riding gear and from what I have read I do not have it under-inflated, more likely over-inflated. Do I need to try a different shock or is there another solution?