hi, this is my first post and i would like to say that this is a great forum and site overall.
i have been riding cannondale for a long time now, started out with a killer v, then a few super v, then raven I and raven II. i'm still riding the raven II, my princess wife has the raven I. but now we are thinking of getting rushes - we tested frames for my wife and she felt most comfortable on a medium feminine. the shop just had the 08 feminine 3 in stock, but it doesn't have a lefty and is pretty heavy. they ordered a feminine 2, which we will test on saturday - it sells for $1999. but now i found an 07 model feminine 1 in another shop for $1699. from the description i think it is even better equipped - better rear shock and better brakes (i think only the bottom bracket and the cranks are better in the new model). since the drive to either shop is about 2 hours (in opposite directions ) we can't just swing by real quick and test them.
does anybody here have either one of those bikes and knows more - and a big concern for us is the weight - how heavy are they?? am i just on a wrong way here with thinking the 07 could be a better deal?
i tested a few 07 models too - a rush 4 ($1699) and a rush 3 ($1999), which felt really nice, even though they could be a little lighter. then i found a 06 model rush 1000 in another shop - that was very nice too, felt even lighter than the other two and it is very well equipped too. i could have had it for $1500, but it was a size too big for me
i saw another one on craigslist now for $1399 (and i might be able to negotiate).
does anybody here have any of those bikes and what would be the best deal.
oh, the shop who sells the feminine has 07 rush 5 for 1399, but that seems to be a "lower" bike, huh??
all i have to do now is put the ravens on ebay and we should be on new bikes hopefully soon.
puh - that was quite a long first post