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    Rush Carbon, Ibis moho or Turner Flux , please help !

    I am looking for a new bike.....comming from an Intense Uzzy SL and and before an Ibis Szasbo. ...Now I want more a xc-trail bike ( than the Intense), I am a bit lost in between those three great bikes.
    I am a bit scared about the moho beeing too much trail - enduro bike, Does it climb well ? too much suspension? I did really love the geometry of my Szasbo....only problem was the sweet spot that required a very special driving performance, but I still have and use that bike. Is my soon´s actual bike.
    Turner Flux....Is it too much XC , not enough suspension...Not carbon (looks that is the trend). But in the other hand when anyone says turner looks that is a good creation.....everybody says you cnnot go wrong with it....well. There is the Spot for more travel but heavier.
    Cannondale Rush carbon....What about the lefty, I tryied once and I had a lot of fun, about 2 years ago in "Jekyl", but I heard that lefty have many problems....and what about that suspension one single pivot ?

    So .....I am in trouble...I need help from many of you that have riden those bikes please!

    Thank you.

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    My friend has a Mojo and really loves it. He climbs every climb I I do on my Rush 800 and it's a toss as to who gets to the top first. It's an efficient climber, even with the DHX Air he has on it.

    I think it's a measure of what you intend to do with the bike. The Carbon Rush is more of a XC/Marathon bike that can handle trail use as well. I'd say the the same about the Mojo, but with different emphasis. It's a trail bike that can also do XC/Marathon.

    I have a Rush 800 that I popped a set of new wheels on and changed around a few other things, not much really. All said I have around $2200 in the bike and I love it. It's around 1lb lighter than my friend's Mojo, but his build is more AM and mine is more durable XC.

    With the Rush you get a racier, lighter bike that's easier to maintain. With the Mojo you get more travel and more looks on the trail.
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