I was told by my LBS, Cannondale could rebuild my Lefty for a $100. I'm thinking of having it done. The only issue I have is I won't be able to upgrade the internals to SPV. If I want SPV I would have to get a whole new Lefty. I could trade my in and get the SPV Evolve 140 damper for about $600. That's very expensive for a trade in program. I'm considering it. See I already spent over $350 for the 2005 Swinger 3-Way that should be here next week or so. Need the Jekyll to be tricked out for this coming season. Just gonna get it my Lefty rebuild by Cannondale and save some cash. At least I know Cannondale will put in new internals and a better damping system that is up to date. It'll be nice for my Lefty DLR. It'll also be nice for me and my body.