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    Prophet upgraditis

    Bought my Prophet 400 so I could ride the bike and see what I liked/didn't like about it. Turns out plenty not to like, but at least I got to all my own wrenching. I bought a Super B home mechanic bicycle tool kit ($78 includes everything yo uneed to tear down a bike) and went to work. So far:

    1. Replaced the square taper BB with a Hone outboard bearing, 2-ring set-up with bash ring. The square taper was already feeling a bit gritty, and would click on one side. Out came the tools and on went the Hone. MUCH, MUCH stiffer. I can't say I really knew what people were talking about when comparing BBs, but this thing get more power to the wheels and feels laterally stiffer. I hate hype, but outboard BBs live up to the rep.
    (Of note I was *really* disappointed to find a bunch (6-10) large aluminum slivers inside the BB shell. Each was the size of a clipped pinky fingernail. Not sure it was caused when they threaded the BB or what, but pretty piss poor to leave that in there. The slivers were packed into the grease around the old BB)

    2. Tohmson stem and seat post. The OEM seat post creaked and groaned under my weight and was a bear to get the angle just right. The stem just came by way of a friend who ordered the wrong size...we swapped some stuff so on the bike it went. I'm gad I got it becasue the OEM C'Dale stem pinch area for the bars is ridiculously small...especially considering my next upgrade...

    3. Carbon Easton ML DH bar. Why? When I rode the old bar, it would really make my tennis elbow injury quite sore as well as my wrists. I was surprised becasue the bike is obviously FS. I think it's the higher frequency vibrations that was causing the pain. Anyway, the new carbon bar is...interesting. It feels almost too rides like butter. Best $120 I spent on the bike so far.

    4. Hayes Stroker Trail 8". I weigh 225 stripped. The BB5's were simply not cutting it for prolonged brake use. Mind you I'm not exactly tearing up the trails as evidenced by the Big Apples. Mostly urban stuff around the base, but there are a few really steep, really long hills and I felt like I was roasting the BB5s at the end. Maybe on my lighter commuter. Was *' necessary...probably not, but I thought what the hell.

    I have ot say though, that intially the stopping power was not even as good as the BB5s...hoping they get better as the pads bed in a bit more. Also, the rear brake lever feels spongier than the right...I'll bleed it eventually and see if I can get it to pump up a bit more. Could be the longer hose is flexing more, but the hoses feel pretty rigid...?

    5. New seat. The stocker blew.

    6. Revelation coil U-Turn. On it's way and I can't wait.

    7. Schwalbe Big Apples. These were mostly just for fun, but they ride so well and take a lot of abuse.

    7a. Forgot. I bought a close-out Maintou Swinger-3 way for $99.00. So far, so good. I liked the Radium, but I like being able to set the pedal platform with the red air valve...neat feature.

    So far I like the SRAM X-7 shifters and mechs. Smooth, cheap and pretty reliable so far. The headset is fine, so that will stay.

    I think the next items will be the hubs and wheels. The stockers are heavy and probably the cheapest set money can buy. I think I'm going to get Hadley hubs and build the wheels the long run though for the cost of the tools, it's probably cheaper to have the shop build them for $50/wheel. We'll see.

    I guess thats pretty much it...except for some really bad pics. Oh, the wheel reflectors have to stay as part of the base feel free to comment, but there's not much I can do about it.



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    shouldn't you have just bought a higher spec bike? anyway, nice build.

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    Yeah, but they didn't offer any higher models. I'm stationed in Japan and the Cannondales in town are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive so I bought what they had left over at the exchange. While I do believe the higher spec bikes are a better value, at least I got to choose what equipment I wanted, instead of accepting the stuff C'Dale offered. I also wanted to upgrade as I went see what things I really wanted to change.

    I figure with the fork upgrade (soon to be mounted), the other mods and the price of the bike itself I've spent just over $2000. That puts me in the Prophet 2 price range and aside from the slightly nicer wheelset, I think my bike has as nice, or in some cases nicer components. At $3000, I'm in the Prophet 1 price range and for the extra $850, I think I could put on the same wheelset, rear D, front D, cassette and shifters (okay, maybe a bit more scratch).

    Ultimately, I've experienced so much more satisfaction from researching the parts I want and evetually installing them than I would have just buying the bike already built. It's my first "build" and I'm learning a ton about bike maintenance and adjustments just from getting involved at this level.


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    Wow, I really like it. you shoulda gotten a pike instead of a revelation, but there basicly the same, so whatever, still cool. Ya I like buying bikes, and specing them myself, but still, I did like my stock p2... sorta. Here's some pics of my build (if you care) Next upgrades: seat, chainguide, brakes, shifters, headset, and eventually-new rims (but these are pretty new, so I'll use them for a while)

    Before and...

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