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    Is possible to make Lefty higher?

    I asked about that in the 29er forum, and they got me the advice to write here

    So, I have Lefty Speed XLR 2011 26", 100mm travel. I'd like to use it in my new 29er. I mounted spacers and there is only 70mm travel, but I'd like to have 80mm.
    Is there any way to increase travel/height of this fork without damper changing?

    I looked into the manual at the schema and I'm thinking about `upper air seal`.
    What will happen if I make it shorter from 26mm to 16mm? Height between axle and crown will increase 10mm?

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    The issue you run into is the damper itself.

    The upper air piston already has basically no *throat* left. You need all that is there. So no, you cannot grow it with the parts you currently have.

    If you want to, you can find an older DLR2 Speed damper (twist lock out) and you'll gain the 10 mm you're after because that damper is longer. They originally came as 110's.

    The modern PBR/XLR damper is only 100...
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