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    Please help with a cassette question???

    So on Friday I got a new bike with an X0 drivetrain (2013 Scalpel Carbon 1). After my ride yesterday I noticed a weird noise coming from the rear triangle of the bike. After inspection it turns out that some of the cogs are loose. They aren't moving side-to-side, but front to back. The four biggest cogs are locked together and move as one, but the rest moving independently of one another. I know it needs to be tightened, but I am not sure how. It's a 10 speed cassette on a reynolds hub with a 12x142 thru axle. Could someone please explain how to tighten it? I've done it before on my old bike, but that was a 9mm QR and a Shimano cassette.


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    Nothing you can do since it is an issue if you will with the free hub on the Reynolds wheel. They use an alloy that does not seem to hold up to torque applied when pedaling forward. The cogs are slipping on the free hub body. I just sent my wheel back to Reynolds for a rebuild and hoping they address the free hub as well. You can try to tighten down the lock ring for the cogs, but I don't think it will do anything for that issue. You may end up sending yours back as well unless you have a Reynolds dealer shop near you to handle it for you. Just because it they came on the bike does not make the shop a certified dealer.

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    The cassette needs to be tightened. This is done in the exact same way as on your other wheel - with a cassette lockring tool.

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