I've got a '99 f500 with the P-Bone M Headshock. This shock has been rode hard and put away wet, no maintenance. For the last year, when turning the bars either to either side past the 2 and 10 o'clock positions (think stem), it makes a clicking sound (multiple clicks) that seems to be coming from inside the headtube.

I work at the LBS, so i have access to a jig and tools. I put the bike up, removed the stem, and spun just the steerer/fork. No clicking. Then I put the stem back on, tightened partially, and rotated, still no clicking. I gave the bolt one final turn, to a safe tightness, and the clicking started again. I removed all cable housings, and the cables are free of corrosion, so this is not a problem. Also, i inspected the steerer for cracks which there were none.

Unfortunately the LBS where I work is not a c'dale dealer, and has none of the proprietary tools. Niether myself or the owner could figure out what this problem is.

Is this a common problem that i can fix without pulling the fork, or do i need to take it to a shop with c'dale specific tools? Any explanation would be appreciated, because I am baffled.

Thank you,