I have a '97 Killer V900 CAAD 2 frame that's been sitting since 2001. I stopped riding it since going full suspension, but I do miss the lightning quick and agile acceleration of a hard tail so I've been thinking of getting it back to riding shape again. I'll need new build kits to keep it updated and it will definitely need a new coat of paint.

Upon inspecting the frame and taking off the old parts, I noticed the old paint bubbling and peeling. As I peeled away, I noticed white chalky residue underneath which is a sure sign of oxidation.

My concern is, will this oxidation compromise the frame's integrity like the frame's thickness be thinner due to the oxidation? Majority of the oxidation are in the downtube and chainstay where it gets most of the muck from rainy and muddy rides. There are no cracks to be seen but this frame went thru alot of mileage.

Anybody have any experience with oxidation on thin alloy frames?