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    newbie with 94 sv!!

    just found this place and i am lovin it! read up on all the uber-v's and they look so kewl. picked up this 94 sv-3000 last week from a local source and thought i'd share it.
    completely stock 94, cept the grips and there arent any pedals. and in near-perfect condition too! not doin a d*mn thing to it! i think the condition and factory component completeness warrants this to be in the collectors market. i have rode it down the street a few times ( neat ride btw!), but dont wanna mess it up any so i'm not trailin it (will save that for the lucky die-hard that ends up with it down the road). just here sharin some pics for now. enjoy!


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    That is one of my favorite bikes ever!
    Coda Magic cranks, headshok w/remote lockout, marzocchi rear shock........list goes on.
    Seems to be in great condition too!
    How much did you pay?
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    I want it.

    PM me when you're ready to sell it cheaply.
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

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    Oh my! I was but 14 years old and absolutely lusting after those. Talk about a throwback

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