• 12-02-2009
    New fork and other upgrades for Super V 700
    I'm looking for a new lighter fork for my Super V 700FR. The fork is failing and I'm looking for something that is lighter than what I currently have. I won't be upgrading everything all at once. But over a year or so and in this order.

    I do mostly trails here in Colorado, Utah area.

    I'm lookin for:
    Disc brakes
    Handle bars
    brake lever
    New wheels (?)

    Thanks for all the help in advance
  • 12-03-2009
    Have you checked the 2009 Lefty forks? May need to get a new front wheel if you go with the lefty. Just got one for my BBU. Awesome. Ride on.
  • 12-04-2009
    Thanks, i'll check out that fork. I went to the bike shop to look around, guys recommended that i upgrade the brake to a disc brake and new levers too. What you guys think.. Its all original components.
  • 02-14-2010
    So i found a 2008 Lefty fork. Now I'm on to wheels and disc brakes. It seems like I have to go with the Brake Adapter in the rear. Whats a good set of wheels to get or should I mix and match?