Hi Everyone. Just have a few quick questions following my first bearing reset and re-application of grease.

1. I've noticed that if I have the rebound knob turned all the way clockwise (+ direction), the fork will make a slight clunk sound as it returns. Turning the knob 3 positions counter clockwise results in the fork not making any unusual sound as it travels back and forth. Is there a reason for this?

2. When I was putting new grease on the inner tube and races, I noticed the inner tube coating running along the grove where one of the races sits is scratched (silver line). It's only visible near one of the races, but the same sort of thing happens on both sides of the race in question. Any cause for concern or this is normal?

Sorry for the poor quality of the pic.

3. Lastly, the races all around the tube are at an even level, but I've noticed that there is a gap between the end of the grove on the tube and the edges of the races. Again, not sure if this is normal or needs attention?

The bike is a 2012 Carbon Flash 1. It was bought this year from a store and my guess is I've ridden no more than 40 hours on it. Personal opinion is that the store might not have a Lefty "expert" so that's why I wanted to check on here first.

Thank you for any information that can be provided. I've gone through numerous threads/posts, but I haven't spotted anything that explains my questions.

Need Help with Lefty 29er Carbon XLR-2013-10-04-17.22.14.jpg