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    My new Lefty makes a noise

    Hi All,

    I just bought myself a new 07 Rush 3 with the Lefty Speed Bonded DLR2 fork.
    I have never owned a lefty before and none of my friends do so I don't know if this is the norm or not: the fork makes a slight grating noise when compressed. Like something is rubbing inside the fork.

    I haven't actaully ridden the bike yet, only got it yesterday and have been home sick, so I have been basically fondling it all day and noticed the noise when I was playing around with the rebound adjustment.

    It's not a loud noise and I doubt you would hear it when riding.

    Is this the norm?
    Is this a break-in noise that will disappear?
    Maybe I'm being paranoid about my new baby?

    Any help would be really appreciated.

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    So you get a new bike and, coincidentally, you are staying home sick? You know what could make you feel better? Taking some fresh air, like if you were to go ride a bike or something...

    Sometimes the bearings can do that as they roll, maybe they could use some more grease but if the action is smooth, I wouldn't worry so much. The bearings are metal and they roll on metal surfaces so it's quite understandable that it would make a slight noise, even with grease.


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    Yep, it's just the roller bearings. The noise will probably reduce as the bearings bed in, but Leftys always have this unique slight noise/feel because of the bearings (which other forks don't have).
    It's nothing to worry about, and having bearings rather than bushings is part of what makes Leftys better than other forks!

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    You're in good hands
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers

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