I'll make it shortish, if you really care you can respond and ask questions. I got a black spring from Craig and installed it. I rode twice this weekend on different terrain and am feeling the love for this bike now. Currently the things changed are: new tires ( Intense System 4) at 35 PSI with tubes, black spring as I weigh 200 LBS, and riding in the FR position. I considered changing my stem from 110 to 90 but I think I'll roll with the 110 for a little yet, pretty happy right now. Im running a 40mm rise bar but thinking that a 50 or 57 might be a better decision than stem length ( Ican rotate the bar ). I had a lot of preload with the red spring but very little with the black, do you think they'll make a spring in between red and black just for me? Actually, from all the spring threads I've read I think they would sell quite a few.