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    It may have taken a year.........

    It may have taken a year...........

    to complete my Prophet but it has been worth it. Here are some pics, as my bike and all of it's components are at the LBS being assembled. Apologies for the crappy cell phone pics.

    Hope you like, comments welcome.


    This was my first attempt at acquiring a Prophet. Sadly it was damaged in shipment (head tube bent) and I noticed it about a week later (after I had thrown out the box and paperwork). Oh well I guess that's a lesson to me, it will be used to decorate my garage wall. Even though the shock is fine and will be kept as a spare.


    This was my second attempt and luckily it was in pristine condition. I scored this piece through a friend of mine. He had purchased it from someone who stopped riding it because of a knee injury. It has barely been riden and only has one small scratch which is not noticeable. My buddy only wanted the components (specifically the lefty and wheelset) so the frame was up for grabs. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.


    This will be my first fork on this bike due to budget restrictions. I will hopefilly be able to buy a Pike 454 for this setup by next year. This fork is in excellent condition for it's age and was a steal from an Mtbr seller. Thanks.


    This is a semi finished photo of the bike. I am awaiting the arrival of a replacement rear brake hose. Finding Avid lines here is more difficult than I thought.

    Stay tuned for more.

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    looks good so far

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    Prophets just look right!


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