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    New question here. Made in USA frame value

    Will there ever be a market for HMITUSA frames as collector items?
    I have a 2009 Rize, I am thinking of selling it but I might hold onto it if it will go up in value.

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    Mass produced bikes don't go up in value to the extent you might be thinking.

    Were it a rare version, team bike, "mistake" frame, or somehow otherwise sort of one of a kind, it would help.

    Bike out of a box, sold through a shop, and ridden by Joe MTB'er for a few years?

    Cut retail in half, and that's pretty much your starting point.

    Much less high production number, MUSA stuff isn't getting big bucks either. Think Merlin, Titus, Litespeed etc, all have gone through ownership changes, production moves, the list goes on. They're used bikes, nothing more.

    Early Ritchey, Ibis, Cunningham, things like that? They draw a decent buck.

    By the time your bike is old enough to excite a collector of some stripe, you'll likely have need for far more than the extra couple hundred that the elapsed time *might* bring....

    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

    - FrostyStruthers

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    Well it is an aluminum Rize 1, not many of those around I'm thinking. I can't see that increasing the value though.
    Thanks for the opinion.

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