Well I'm thinking of a Lexi 2 in petite. I currently ride a Jamis XCR in a 13. I want a bike that is more fun to ride and play around on. My Jamis rocks but I feel a little unstable on super steep areas. I'm concerned about a few things.

First, I'm 5 foot even and I was sold on the XS Trance W until I saw the standover. I would bottom out on that thing. My Jamis Stand Over is 27.xx I read the Cannondale is a little less than 29. But the top tube seems fairly straight plus it lists 16 inch seat tube on the petite... so that 29 S-O doesn't seem possible. Anyone have some insight?

Second, coming from an XC bike how heavy is thing going to be and will I still be able to climb close to as well as I do now?

Lastly, I read all the geometry specs and it looks great, but will I notice enough difference to shell out the cash?

No one around here has one of any size for me to see first hand.