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    Lefty suspension oil

    I have a 2012 Lefty PBR (stock on my Flash 29er) with about 20 hours on it. The fork hasn't been submerged and generally most riding has been in decent conditions. I have been off the bike for the last six months due to injury. I recently serviced it to get back in the saddle and there was almost no air left in the fork. I re-set the sag but while I was looking it over I removed the boot and a fair bit of oil (about 60ml) poured out. It was fairly clear and quite low viscosity. The fork was serviced by my LBS a little over 6 months ago (ie. before my accident), and I have only put about 5 hours on it since then. They were tossers about providing any pointers on servicing maintenance ("we don't give away our secrets" - or apparently getting any repeat business). I've stripped down and serviced other forks in the past but I don't have any experience with the lefty. Will the Lefty manual / supplement have a procedure I can go by or will it need a shop service?
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    My advice is to find a new bikeshop fast. They're full of ****, no secrets to service a lefty whatsoever with information readily available on the internet. Hybrid lefties seem to be the only lefties that are somewhat of a mystery at this time since the chassis is different from previous ones and there's still a learning curve in regards of these. Send it in to mendon as you needs special tools to fix it.
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    With that many miles on it since service? Yeah, they're secretive because they don't want to say we're not qualified to charge you for what we just did, that's the secret.....

    Sounds like the top cap from the damper came unscrewed. Unless you have a Castle tool, bullet tool and cap wrenches, I'd suggest finding a better service center.

    It needs to be redone before you start riding it. Not just fill the damper either, it needs a full strip down clean up, due to the oil making the telescope a goopy mess that needs to be dealt with too.

    Now, the hope is, they didn't damage the shaft in their flailing, my fingers are crossed for you....
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    It sounds like the damper to me. Seems like one of the end caps on the damper came loose and the shock oil leaked out of the damper. Check the rebound and lockout. The lockout probably doesn't work and the rebound should be as fast as it gets since it's not dampened. Hopefully, this is all that happened. The shorcut way is to just pull the damper out and fill it back up with fluid, the proper way is too bleed it as well. I've done both depending on how much time I had. The fill up takes about 10 minutes if you've done it before, the full service takes an hour or less. If you're up for the task this is totally doable at home. It's not easy but not hard and requires a couple special tools (+- $100 worth) and some patience. All the information is available through stickies right here on this forum.

    Edit: Saw what Mendon said about the bearings. True as well. The shock oil will rinse the grease off the bearings and make a mess in your boot as you've seen. Again for me there's two methods, the shortcut and the thorough. The shortcut is to clean as much as I can out of the boot without removing it. I use paper towels and my fingers. Then do what I can for the bearings/races without dis-assembly. Wipe down the inner races, cycle the fork a few times, wipe again, rinse and repeat. Blast up in there with brake parts cleaner and then do the wipe/cycle/wipe thing. Once it's as clean as I can get it or have the time/patience for, I put some grease on the inner (exposed) races. Cycle the fork a few times to spread the grease up to the bearings and put a little more grease. I do this with the grease a couple times until the grease stays visible on the inner races. I don't goop it on to make a mess, just enough so a light film stays on there. I use Phil's grease and it seems to work pretty well. Of course, the proper method is to disassemble the upper and lower on the fork, give it a proper and thorough cleaning, and then reassemble.

    This has worked for me for over 3000mi of riding rough enough to break to RZ120 frames and the 2010 PBR120 lefty is still going great. Good luck
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the advice. There is only 1 Cdale shop in town but there is a shop up the coast with a good rep I can post to (located in Oz). I wasn't sure if I would get away with just re-pressurizing it given the realtively low mileage on it, but better safe than sorry.

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    There is another local shop that services Lefty's (Monkey Wrench Canberra). As the guys said in the posts above, it turns out the top cap on the damper had come unscrewed and the oil leaked out. The guys stripped it back, bled it out, cleaned and re-assembled. They were also happy to point out a bunch of maintenance tips. Stoked I've now got a good LBS. Appreciate the pointers above as well, cheers.

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