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    Lefty Speed DLR2 damper cartridge

    Sorry if this is considered a double post ( newbie mistake, posted in general fork/shock forum).

    Does anybody have a drawing of a DLR2 damper shaft or knows someone who knows someone who could have one (or a damaged one that can be measured and re-manufactured)?

    Why I'm asking-seams that it is the thing that basically kills the fork if scratched, and the new damper is 200-ish. With an access to a machine shop, it does't seem too far fetched to simply machine a new one, say from stainless steel to get more durability out of it ( or simply replicate the standard aluminium one). And calling/writing to manufacturer...meh, it doesn't work,

    Sorry if I, boring with this, but the only guy that knows his way around a Lefty has declared that he is moving to another country, so... thnx for any input

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    Ok, that's a scary smiley there

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