Hey everyone,

I just bought a black F5.

My owners manual says the serial number is a 7 digit number that is,"permanently attached" to the bottom of the frame sprocket. It also states that there are other numbers that are, "not unique" to the bike and that these other numbers are used at the factory for other bikes.

The only 7 digit number I could find was, "permamently attached" via a silver sticker on the bottom of the sprocket area....there is another number that is a 10 digit number that is engraved on the bottom of the frame sprocket area.

The sales person I bought the bike from wrote the 10 digit number on the sales receipt as the S/N, HOWEVER according to my owners manual this is the frame number and is considered an, "other number" that is not unique to the frame.

The owner's manual gives the 7 digit number as the unique, identfying S/N.


1. IF my bike is stolen and the thief removes the, "permamently attached" sticker with the 7 digit S/N, am I then screwed?

2.IF my frame cracks and the S/N written on my receipt is not the real S/N but the frame number, will Cannondale honor the life time warranty.

3. IF I use a dremel and carve the real 7 digit number in the sprocket area will it void my warranty?

Maybe I'm just a stupid NOOB and missing something?

Request any help from long time Cannondale owners who could shed some light on my concerns....