I currently own a 02 Jekyll 1000. I have loved this bike over the past two years but want a longer travel bike for my riding conditions. I don't XC race and my current bike weighs in at about 28 lbs. I ride mostly single track with roots, rocks, 3-4 foot drops max.

I am 5'10 165lbs and have been looking at the Turner 5 spot as a replacement. I've also considered the 04 Jekyll 2000. Both would have 5 inches of travel front and rear. Both bikes have great reviews at MTBR. I have really liked my lefty air fork but have never ridden the headshok lefty max. I've heard they are sweet but high maintenance....bearing migrating, leaking etc.

Have any of you had experience on both bikes and what would the pros and cons of each be?

Thanks for the input!!