Hey guys so to give you some background I'm looking into getting a Cannondale Hooligan this years model, as after having three traditional "commuter" bikes none of which I've been happy with all have just felt too big and lazy for my tastes maybe its just my mtb brain kicking in suffice to say I'm looking into something a little more thrashable, small and playful

I've always wanted a Hooligan and now can actually afford one so questions for current owners firstly are 5 or so mile rides going to be doable in relative comfort with the small wheels and all? Secondly for those of you running the internally geared hubs particularly the nexus 3 whats the gearing like (i cant wrap my head around gear ratios to save my life) Im semi tempted if its not wide enough to just get a standard wheel built up and slap on a spare Sram x0 short cage and gripshift i have from a build last year.

Any general thoughts though also would be appreciated as i wont get a chance to try one out anywhere locally before i potentially buy one.