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    Help Identify this Lefty

    I bought what appeared to be an 05 Prophet by the frame color. I really just needed the frame. However while I was looking at it, it was apparent to me that a lot of the parts have been swapped. This Prophet had a Lefty Max 130 on it, even though the other two my family has have a 140 on it. So I'm wondering if this is an older lefty. I remember it's only the 05 and newer that can be converted to PBR. Can someone (I'm thinking Mendo) identify what year this fork is?

    Help Identify this Lefty-130top.jpg

    Help Identify this Lefty-130middle.jpg

    Help Identify this Lefty-130bottom.jpg

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    Looks like a pre 2005 lefty Max 130 which I believe can't be converted to pbr which can only be done on 2005 and up.
    It's probably a replacement frame....Those forks came on some early Gemini frames, Jeckylls and I believe last year Super V's.
    Original frame broke, owner got a Prophet frame as a replacement and all parts except for the rear shock and Front derailleur were moved over to the new frame.
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    Yep, pre 2005 Max 130 TPC.

    Nice fork still, just not able to be PBR'd is all.
    This is a Pugs not some carbon wannabee pretzel wagon!!

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