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    Help! Cannondale Fire Hub Exploded View

    Hi Guys and Girls,
    Just bought an 05 Prophet with a Cannondale Fire Hub on the rear wheel. Long story short, the freewheel, cone and bearings are stuffed. I have a new freewheel and replacement kit for cones but it would appear one cone (the stuffed one) is fixed to the axle? (What tha?) This is supported by the fact only one cone came with the replacement kit. I need to find service instructions or exploded view diagram to confirm what I'm thinking (I need a new axle too) is right. Does anyone have access to these documents or can point me in the direction of a web site.
    Thanks for your help.

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    I'm a little disappointed, I thought you had pictures of your hub that had exploded!

    Sorry, I don't have what you are looking for but perhaps you could look on Formula's website, they are the ones making the crappy 2005 Cannondale branded hubs.


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    Cone on non-drive drive side, sealed on drive side - I think

    I'm out on a limb here - Just picked up my rear wheel from the shop. The mechanic pointed out that the hub has cones on the non drive side and sealed bearings on the drive side. Having never pulled one apart I can't tell you more.

    I have the Cdale Fire hub and had the shop look at it trying to eliminate that for cause of a ghost shift problem. The nut on the drive side was loose. Hopefully that will solve my problem. Good luck with yours.

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