a while ago i posted this tread : WTF!! lefty RLC FOX carbon.

now after all this time the lefty is STILL away for repair
long story.....after 2 repair attemps from the lbs cannondale ( netherlands) made a quote for the repaircost and it was ok for me. in the meantime the lbs went on holiday so had to wait 2 weeks. after his holiday i call him to ask if they sent my fork ..........he said:"euh i have bad news" CANNONDALE LOST the lefty" ...what the F$CK! eventualy they found it!
so after 2 more weeks , Last friday i went to pick-up my lefty at the dealershop,the first thing i do (i think every lefty owner will) is look at it and check if the levers lock/rebound work fine and if it locks! .......... nothing worked....i gave it to the guy ...he began to turn on the rebound knob and it was making a strange sound, no response in the fork when turning.he was pushing the lefty down on the floor and turning.....after a while ...pfflush...the rebound knob excploded out end so did the oil.
again what the F$CK!

He showed me a paper what cannondale did and it was a complete rebuild,new bearings/races/boot everything but the damper!
i asked him how it is possible that this happend after a rebuild and comming from cannondale? don't they have QC???
he called immediately cannondale to report and sent the fork back!

today i called the shop if i could pick up the lefty ....and......he told me again " i have bad news"
the rebound shaft broke in half and fell in the damper. they need to replace it but
because it is a usa fork they cannot repair it ( no parts????) WTF
2 options he said :

1 :cannondale will order a complete damper from usa and it will cost Me 400-500euro!
2 : they look the possibility to put in a 130 RLC in my 110 lefty???

So they F$CKED up....the fork ...didn't even left the shop, and i didn't brake it...
and they are telling me that i have to PAY
i will pay that what they stated in the first place for the repair and that was a differtent problem ! not the broken damper internal!

please any advise on what i should /can do! and if it is possible to put internals from 130 in a 110 and what would shange on the bike.