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    headshok owners with hydro disc brakes

    I am in the process of converting my F400 to disc brakes and I wanted to ask a question.

    I have heard that turning a bike upside down can be bad for hydro disc brakes as far as putting tiny amounts of air in the system that are lurking in the reservoir etc.

    My concern is that checking my headshok will require a wheel removal and usually turning the bike upside down to check the shock pressure.

    Can any owners give me their thoughts and experiences with this incuding the disc system that they are running.

    My current favourite choices are Magura Louise BAT for hydro, (I am an expat in Germany and these brakes are some of the cheapest and easiest to get parts and shop service), or Avid BB cable if the hydro problem is real. (Real easy to service anywhere and relatively super cheap, but lacking in feel compared to hydro's).

    Many thanks for any comments.

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    My take is turning the bike upside down will have no effect on your brakes. The hydro brakes are a positive presure closed system. The only way air gets in is if you have a leak in a line or reservoir, even then you will know you have a leak. The biggest risk of getting air into the system is when you are bleeding them.

    Curious as to what others have to say.

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    totally agree. If the lines are not bleeded properly, turning upside down would make the problem worse. But a properly bleeded system should not be afected by turning the bike upside down...

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    My opinion also.


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    I turn my bike upside down all the time, and my brakes still work just fine.

    Enough to throw me over the bars if I'm not careful...
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