After being back ordered (for what seemed like forever) the KP058 reducer headset finally arrived.

However it didn't come with any instructions and the bearings seem too big to fit into the cups. Cannondales tech docs show the order everything goes to press the cups into the frame but I've never come across a headset where the bearings didn't slip easily in to the cups (or sit flush on the crown race).

Before I proceed has anyone installed one of these and do you have to press the bearing into the cups????

The supplied crown race also leaves (maybe) 1/8th" gap between it and the lower bearing.

To clarify: When I say "too big" they are not monsterously large but will require to be pressed into the cup (if they will go).

I've installed plenty of headsets over the years but never come across any (even reducer ones) where the bearings didn't slide smoothly into the cups.

Top cap is Cane Creek branded but nothing on their site either that I can find...

Anyone else come across this ??