Ok, posted earlier about my issues with my Rush 800. I've been racing in adventure triathlon sprints and was just not digging the Rush for that purpose. I rode a Taurine all tricked out with all the bling and let me say.......... WOW!!!!!!!
This bike is a freaking rocket and climbs like a scalded dog!!!
I am trading my frame for the Taurine and will use the parts off my Rush but upgrade the wheels and hubs as well as the handle bar, saddle, seat post and rear cassette. The Taurine comes with a very nice crankset so that is another upgrade. I will upgrade to a Carbon lefty later on.
I'm so excited and can't wait to get that bad boy in so we can really get to know each other!!
For my needs right now, a FS just doesn't work. This bike got me excited about mtn. biking again which I really needed..I was enjoying road biking way more than mtn. biking.
I will post pics as soon as she comes in....
Oh, by the way I upgraded the shock on my Rush and only rode it 3 times, so I need to sell it now. RP23 practically brand new only $275...I will be posting it here and on Craigslist...